Republic Of Hope

discovered and named on November 23, 2007,
Charles W. Milburn
discoverer and governor.

in effect.

Republic of Hope is possibly the
smallest republic known.

Land mass may be determined
and located using
Google coordinates. 
N21.382072  and  W157.947229.

The Republic Of Hope
is dedicated to the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
of all inhabitants preservation of the rights and justice for all.

In parallel with the laws of Hawaii and the United States of America.
Respect, integrity and fairness to all who extend the same in harmony.

So be it named
The Republic Of Hope.

Republic of Hope respects and favors all who wish to inhabit, respect and abide within
the laws and framework of its governing body.

Charles W. Milburn
discoverer  and  governor.

You can reach us at:
Republic of Hope
very very near Pearl Harbor
Phone: (808) 688-8001
email me